Viresco Energy’s vision is to become a global leader in the technology, production and marketing of clean hydrocarbon fuels and chemicals derived from carbonaceous feedstocks. Viresco Energy owns the exclusive licensing options for the CE-CERT Process, an innovative steam hydrogasification gasification technology (SHR™) originally developed by the College of Engineering – Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT) at the University of California, Riverside (UCR). This technology uses a unique combination of steam and hydrogen to convert biomass, coal, green & municipal waste, and other carbonaceous materials into renewable natural gas (RNG), sulfur-free diesel and jet fuels,. The US Department of Energy – National Energy Technology Laboratory (US-DOE-NETL) has independently reviewed this technology and has determined that this process has the potential to be 15 to 18% more efficient than the current state of the art partial oxidation based conversion technologies. Viresco Energy recently won a Small Business Innovation Research grant (SBIR) from NETL, US-DOE to make methane (CH4) from coal and coal-biomass mixtures. The report also says that the Viresco Process requires about 24% less capital cost than other technologies under the scenarios evaluated. This new technology, called ‘steam hydrogasification’, has been demonstrated in laboratory scale reactor and pilot plant demonstration is currently under way. The Viresco Process was featured in a recent report by the Clean Air Task Force (an independent non-profit group focused on energy & environment) as one of the most promising advanced clean gasification technologies that are moving towards commercialization. This technology is protected by 14 issued/pending patents.

Viresco Energy has received a $2.4 million for the development of the pilot plant and thus hastens the commercialization of this ground breaking technology. As such, we will work with the Department of Energy (DOE), other agencies, and congress to identify and pursue federal funding. When commercialized, the state of the art SHRTM technology developed by Viresco Energy and the University of California Riverside will produce these benefits:

* New Domestic Fuel Supply.
* Relatively Inexpensive Energy Supply.
* Renewable Green & Clean Fuels.
* Renewable Natural Gas (Methane) Production.
* Reduction of Environmental Hazards.
* Clean use of Coal.
* Energy Efficient Processes.
* Cost efficient Plants.

A full-scale commercial plant would produce up to 7000 barrels of diesel fuel per day using 4000 tons per day of coal and biomass feedstock.

The DOE-NETL estimates that diesel produced by the process would cost less than $3 per gallon at the pump. Methane can produced from virtually any carbonaceous material, including agricultural residues, forest waste, animal manure, and even sewage sludge using Viresco Technology thereby addressing the land limitation issues and environmental concerns related to their disposal; also we can produce methane from mixed feed of coal and biomass. No toxic air emissions result from the process of transforming coal or other products into fuel. Carbon dioxide can be sequestered and toxic heavy metals are removed internally during the process. Fuel produced by the process is sulfur-free which enables implementation of advanced emission- control technologies in diesel engines.